Classic Actors Dressed In Drag

Since the early days of Hollywood male actors have been dressing as women onscreen (and sometimes off screen too). Here are some of our favorite actors dressed in drag ...

Cary Grant In DragFatty Arbuckle In Drag
Cary Grant                                                                          Fatty Arbuckle

Broderick Crawford In DragRobert Cummings In Drag
Broderick Crawford                                                                             Robert Cummings

Lon Chaney In DragCharley Chase In Drag
Lon Chaney                                                                                            Charley Chase

Mickey Rooney In DragRobert Mitchum In Drag
Mickey Rooney & Carmen Miranda                                                                           Robert Mitchum

Ben Blue

William Powell In DragBuster Keaton In Drag
William Powell                                                                                                          Buster Keaton