Suzanne Kaaren ~ 1930s Starlet

May Robson ~ The Grand Old Lady

Josephine Hutchinson ~ The Bi-Sexual Beauty

Irene Dunne ~ The Elegant Leading Lady

Joan Blondell ~ The Wisecracking Blonde

Lucille La Verne ~ Disney's Wicked Witch

Lorraine Eason ~ 1920s Starlet

Fredi Washington ~ The Black Actress Who Refused To Pass

Martha Raye ~ The Patriotic Comedy Star

Betty Gray ~ Killed By the Flu Pandemic

Betty Hutton ~ The Funny Blonde

Debra Paget ~ The Beautiful Brunette

Mabel Todd ~ The Ditzy Blonde

Elfie Fay ~ The Broadway Belle

Edna Waldron ~ The Starlet Killed In A Fire

Adele Windsor & Her Untimely Death

Charlotte Greenwood ~ Character Actress

Marie Dressler ~ The Beloved Star

Yola d'Avril ~ The French Beauty

Claire Anderson ~ The Keystone Beauty

Peggy O'Neil ~ The Irish Beauty

Florence Lawrence ~ The Tragic First Movie Star

Joan Fontaine ~ The Graceful Sister

Gene Tierney ~ The Fragile Beauty

Barbara Bates & Her Sad Suicide

Inger Stevens ~ The Tragic Swedish Beauty

Carole Lombard ~ Hollywood's Tragic Angel

Violet Oliver Was The Sunkist Girl

Pauline Garon ~ The Blonde Flapper

Peg Entwistle ~ The Hollywood Sign Suicide

Margaret Cloud ~ Bathing Beauty

Sonja Henie ~ Skating Star & Actress

Jessie May Walsh ~ 1920s Dancer

Jean Wallace ~ The Blonde Starlet

Lucille Ball ~ Hollywood's Legendary Redhead

Marie Walcamp ~ The Tragic Serial Queen

Betty Grable & Her Million Dollar Legs

Regina Doyle ~ The Tragic Starlet

Tamara Wiszniewska ~ The Polish Beauty

Ona Munson ~ The Tragic Lesbian Actress

Mary Pickford Was America's Sweetheart

Mitzi Mayfair ~ The Talented Dancer

Ginger Rogers ~ The Oscar Winning Dancer

Vera-Ellen ~ The Anorexic Dancer

Lorena Carr ~ The Shapely Blonde

Christine Ayres ~ The Body Beautiful

Vera Sisson ~ The Tragic Silent Star