Jocelyn Lee ~ The Hot Tempered Girl

Vera Maxwell ~ The Blonde Venus

Yvonne Hughes ~ The Murdered Ziegfeld Girl

Louise Lawson ~ The Murdered Butterfly

Pearl Eaton ~ The Murdered Dancer

Kathlene Martyn ~ The Butterfly Girl

Lillian Lorraine ~ Flo Ziegfeld's Young Lover

Anna Held ~ The Woman Who Inspired The Follies

Frieda Mierse ~ Ed Wynn's Bride

Marie Stevens ~ The Smart Blonde

Marion Davies ~ The Talented Mistress

Bee Jackson ~ The Charleston Dancer

Alice Wilkie ~ The Scandals Girl

Myrna Darby ~ The Most Beautiful Ziegfeld Girl

Nina Pierson ~ The Unlucky Ziegfeld Girl

Olive Thomas ~ The Tragic Flapper

Lilyan Tashman ~ Hollywood's Wild Lesbian

Bessie Poole ~ W.C. Field's Lover

Olga Steck ~ The Tragic Opera Singer

Toni Mannix ~ Superman's Lover