Helen St. Claire ~ The Tragic Bride

Helen St. Claire

Helen St. Claire was a young actress who took her own life in 1927 

She was born Helen Russel Daniels on December 20, 1904 in Brooklyn, New York. Helen was the only child of Emily and Abraham Daniels. After high school she began working as a film extra. She fell madly in love with Arthur St. Claire, an aspiring screenwriter. Unfortunately her parents objected to the relationship because Arthur had been in prison. The couple eloped in March of 1927 and moved to Hollywood. On June 7, 1927 they had an argument. Helen got angry when Arthur refused to take her to the theater. That evening she committed suicide by swallowing poison. She was only twenty-two years old. Her father did not believe she committed suicide and claimed Arthur murdered her. There was an inquest and her death was officially ruled a suicide. Helen was buried at Raymond Hill Cemetery in Carmel, New York.

Helen St. ClaireHelen St. Claire Suicide