Gladys Frazin ~ The Fragile Actress

Rita Carewe ~ The Director's Daughter

Adamae Vaughn ~ The Tragic Sister

Myrtle Lind ~ The Face Of An Angel

Sandra Dee ~ The Troubled Teen Star

Marietta Millner ~ The Tragic Austrian Actress

Jobyna Howland ~ The Gibson Girl

Jean Acker ~ Rudolph Valentino's Lesbian Wife

Judith Barrie ~ The Model Starlet

Mary Frann & Her Deadly Eating Disorder

Blanche Sweet ~ The Biograph Blonde

Mildred Washington ~ The Tragic Black Actress

Suzanne Kaaren ~ 1930s Starlet

Maria Montez ~ The Tragic Technicolor Queen

May Robson ~ The Grand Old Lady

Josephine Hutchinson ~ The Bi-Sexual Beauty

Lucille Ricksen ~ The Abused Child Star

Irene Dunne ~ The Elegant Leading Lady

Dorothy Dandridge ~ The Delicate Beauty

Joan Blondell ~ The Wisecracking Blonde

Margaret Leahy ~ The Failed British Starlet

Lucille La Verne ~ Disney's Wicked Witch

Katherine Lewis ~ Silent Starlet

Lorraine Eason ~ 1920s Starlet

Fredi Washington ~ The Black Actress Who Refused To Pass

Martha Raye ~ The Patriotic Comedy Star

What Killed Beautiful Jeanette Loff

Betty Gray ~ The Young Star's Sad Death

Betty Hutton ~ The Funny Blonde

Debra Paget ~ The Beautiful Brunette

Mabel Todd ~ The Ditzy Blonde

Jean Porter ~ The Blacklisted Starlet

Elfie Fay ~ The Broadway Belle

Edna Waldron ~ The Starlet Killed In A Fire

Adele Windsor ~ The Untimely Death Of The Actress

Charlotte Greenwood ~ Character Actress

Ava Gardner ~ The Beauty Who Seduced Hollywood

Lucille Carlisle ~ Larry Semon's Leading Lady

Cleo Moore ~ The B-Movie Bombshell

Florence Deshon ~ Did The Silent Star Kill Herself

Marie Dressler ~ The Beloved Star

Lillian Peacock ~ The Tragic Ingenue

Yola d'Avril ~ The French Beauty

Dorothy Dorr ~ Bathing Beauty

Claire Anderson ~ The Keystone Beauty

Eugenia Gilbert ~ The Most Beautiful Woman

Peggy O'Neil ~ The Irish Beauty

Florence Lawrence ~ The First Movie Star

Joan Fontaine ~ The Graceful Sister

Gene Tierney ~ The Fragile Beauty