Nedra Norris ~ The Unhappy Starlet

Nedra Norris

Nedra Norris was a young actress who gave up her promising film career

She was born Nedra Gullette on August 19, 1911 in New York City. Her father, George Gullette, was a film manufacturer and her mother was theatrical actress Olive Carr. They divorced in 1916 when Olive had an affair with wall street broker Leonard J. Field. George made headlines when he sued Leonard for "alienation of affection". After high school Nedra attended Wellesley college where she excelled at athletics. In 1931 she was signed by Universal Studios. The beautiful blonde moved to Hollywood and was given a starring role in the 1932 comedy In The Bag opposite Slim Summerville.

Nedra NorrisNedra Norris

Although her performance got good reviews she decided she didn't want to make any more movies. Nedra walked out on her contract and returned to New York. She married Llewellyn Simpson, a lawyer, in 1941. The couple moved to Pennsylvania and had two sons - Stephen and George. As she grew older she developed a drinking problem. Tragically in March of 1955 her husband committed suicide. Nedra was devastated and her alcoholism got worse. On September 20, 1956 her father found her dead in her bedroom. She had died from acute alcohol poisoning at the young age of forty-five.

Nedra Norris