Jean Stuart ~ The Promising Starlet

Jean Stuart

Jean Stuart was a promising actress who died young in a tragic accident

She was born Margaret Elizabeth Leisenring on July 13, 1906 in Placerville, Californa. Her father, Dr. Luther Leisenring, was a prominent surgeon. Jean attended the University of California at Berkeley where she became a popular student. She was a member of the French club and the Little Theater company. During the Spring of 1926 The Campus Flirt starring Bebe Daniels was filmed at the college. Jean was chosen to be an extra in several scenes. Soon after she was offered a contract at Universal studios. Although her parents urged her to stay in school she decided to drop out and accept the offer. The beautiful brunette was described by producers as "the perfect college student type". She was cast in the film comedy series The Collegians directed by Wesley Ruggles. On November 23, 1926 she went horse riding with some friends when her horse's leg slipped on some wet pavement and she fell off. Tragically she died later that day from a cerebral hemmorhage. Jean was only twenty years old. She was buried at Greenwood Memorial Park in San Diego, California.

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