Doris Carnes ~ The Blonde Starlet

Doris Carnes

Doris Carnes was a blonde starlet who had a brief Hollywood career

She was born Doris M. Carnes in Colorado in 1914. Her father, Udell Carnes, worked as a factory manager and her mother, Olive Carnes, was a housewife. Doris had a younger brother named William. When she was a child her family lived in New York and Missouri. After her parents divorced she moved to Los Angeles with her mother and brother. In 1932 she had a bit part in the short film It's A Cinch directed by Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. Then she worked with Andy Clyde in the 1933 comedy Artist's Muddles. Doris appeared in several comedies for Educational Films. Unfortunately her career didn't last long and by 1934 she had disappeared from Hollywood.

Doris CarnesDoris Carnes