Judith Anderson ~ The Bisexual Character Actress

 Judith Anderson

Judith Anderson was a popular character actress known for playing menacing women

She was born Frances Margaret Anderson on February 10, 1897 in Adelaide, South Australia. Her father, James Anderson, was a prospector and her mother, Jessie Anderson, was a former nurse. When she was a teenager she dropped out of school to become an actress. Judith went to Sydney where she appeared in several plays. She eventually moved to New York and joined a stock company. In 1922 she made her Broadway debut in Up The Stairs. Her performance in the 1925 play The Dove won rave reviews and established her as a star. Judith's success on the Broadway continued with starring roles in Unknown Woman, Strange Interlude, and The Old Maid. She worked with Lillian Gish in Ophelia and with Laurence Olivier in a London production of Hamlet. Although she was not conventionally beautiful she had a commanding stage presence. Judith had an affair with married producer Jed Harris. She married Benjamin Lehmann, an English professor, in 1937. They divorced two years later. Alfred Hitchcock cast her as Mrs Danvers, a wicked housekeeper, in his 1940 drama Rebecca.

Judith AndersonJudith Anderson

The film was a hit and she was nominated for the Best Supporting Oscar. During the 1940s she had supporting roles in numerous films including Laura, The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers, and Kings Row. Judith became a popular character actress and was known for playing dark, menacing characters. She returned to Broadway to star Medea and won a Tony Award for Best Actress. Her second marriage, to producer Luther Greene, lasted five years. Judith, who was bisexual, also had a romance with Beatrice Lillie. In 1954 she won an Emmy award for her performance in MacBeth. She continued to appear in films like The Ten Commandments and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof with Elizabeth Taylor. Judith was made a British Dame in 1959. At the age of eighty-seven she played a Vulcan in Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock. Her final acting role was on the soap opera Santa Barbara. On January 3, 1992 she died from pneumonia at the age of ninety-four. She was cremated and her ashes were given to her family.

Judith AndersonJudith Anderson