Louise Squire ~ The Vaudeville Singer

Louise Squire

Louise Squire was a Ziegfeld Follies showgirl who became a popular vaudeville singer

She was born Louise Squires in Memphis, Tennessee in 1906. When she was a teenager she was chosen as the "girl with the most physical culture" in Memphis. Soon after she moved to New York City and joined Ziegfeld Follies. In 1922 she started touring vaudeville with Billy Shone. Louise became a popular singer and was called "The Lillian Russell of Vaudeville." She suffered a nervous breakdown in July of 1923. When she recovered she returned to performing with Billy. The beautiful blonde also appeared in the Broadway shows Hit The Deck and What The Doctor Ordered. Louise put together a new vaudeville act with dancer Bert Gordon in 1928.

Louise Squire

The following year she ended their partnership and sued Bert for slander after he told another performer "she's no good". She appeared in several Movietone shorts including A Recital Classique. Louise made a screen test for the film Women Of All Nations but she didn't get the role. In 1930 she was badly injured when one of her heated hair combs exploded. She was hospitalized with burns on her head, neck, and chest. Louise sued the Woolworth Company, the maker of the hair combs, and was awarded $25,000. She used part of the money to buy a diamond ring for her mother. During the 1950s Louise started designing hats in Los Angeles.

Louise Squire Lawsuit