Miroslava Stern & Her Heartbreaking Suicide

 Miroslava Stern

Miroslava Stern was a beautiful actress who committed suicide after getting her heart broken

She was born Miroslava Stanclová on February 26, 1926 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Sadly her father died when she was a child. During World War 2 she and her Jewish family were interred in a concentration camp for a brief time. Eventually they were released and moved to Mexico in 1941. The following year she was sent to boarding school in New York City. Miroslava fell in love with an American soldier who was tragically killed. She was so upset that she attempted suicide. After winning a beauty contest she decided to study acting. In 1945 she married actor Jesus Obregón in 1945. They divorced a year later when she discovered he was gay. Miroslava made her film debut in the 1946 Mexican film The Tragic Wedding. She appeared in more than thirty movies including Nocturne of Love, La casa chica, and Streetwalker. The beautiful blonde quickly became one the most popular actresses in Mexico.

Miroslava SternMiroslava Stern

Then in 1948 she went to Hollywood to appear in the drama Adventures of Casanova. Miroslava also costarred with Mel Ferrer in The Brave Bulls. She dated actors Arturo de Cardova and Steve Cochran. There were also rumors she had an affair with actress Ninón Sevilla. In 1954 she fell madly in love with bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín. Director Luis Buñuel cast her in his 1955 drama The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz. When she returned from filming Louis broke up with her. Miroslava was devastated when he married another woman soon after. Tragically On March 9, 1955 she committed suicide by taking poison. The twenty-nine year old was found holding a farewell letter from Louis. She was buried at Panteón Francés de San Joaquín in Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico. The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz was released after her death and became her biggest hit.

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