Frances Williams ~ The Broadway Singer

 Frances Williams

Frances Williams was one of Broadway's most popular singers

She was born Frances Maude Jellinek on November 3, 1901 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her father, Wilfred Jellinek, was a cigar maker. When she was a teenager she left home and joined an acrobatic troupe. Frances also performed in vaudeville. In 1924 she made her Broadway debut in Innocent Eyes. She appeared in numerous shows including The Cradle Song, The Lady From Alfaqueque, and The Coconuts with the Marx Brothers. The statuesque blonde quickly became one of Broadway's most popular singers. While performing in the George White Scandals she introduced the dance the Charleston. Frances started having an affair Alan R. Jones, a married piano player. His wife sued her for $100,000 for alienation of affection. On April 12, 1931 she married musician Lester Clark. Unfortunately he became abusive and she divorced him a year later.

Frances WilliamsFrances Williams

During the 1930s she appeared in the films Broadway Thru A Keyhole and Hollywood Party. She married Miguel de Sousa, a Spanish polo player, in 1933. They divorced two years later. Her third marriage, to theatrical agent Robert Wachtsman, lasted just three months. Frances married radio star Frank Lovejoy, on June 30, 1939. The couple split up eight months later. In 1941 she starred in the hit Broadway musical Let's Face it. The show ran for more 500 performances. She guest starred on the television shows Fireside Theater and Goodyear Playhouse. Sadly she was diagnosed with cancer in 1956 and had to stop working. On January 27, 1959 she died from the disease at age of fifty-seven. Frances was cremated and her ashes were given to her family.

Frances WilliamsFrances Williams