Kitty McHugh & Her Sad Suicide

 Kitty McHugh

Kitty McHugh was a vaudeville star and film actress who sadly took her own life

She was born Kathryn McHugh on October 3, 1902 in Harmony, Pennsylvania. Her parents, Ed and Catherine McHugh, were popular vaudeville entertainers. Kitty and her siblings began performing on stage with them when they were children. At the age of four she became the youngest actress to play Little Lord Fauntleroy on stage. In 1934 she made her film debut in the drama Bedside. The following year she appeared in the Buster Keaton short The Timid Young Man. Then director Frank Weller gave her a supporting role in his 1936 drama Women Are Trouble. On October 26, 1936 she married actor Ned Glass. She and Ned would costar in several plays together.

Kitty McHughKitty McHugh

During the 1940s she appeared in numerous films including The Grapes Of Wrath, Sailor's Lady, Slightly Dangerous, and Dixie Dugan. Unfortunately almost all of her roles were bit parts. Kitty traveled across the country entertaining the troops with the USO. She and Ned started a furniture design business in Los Angeles called Perfect Peasants. In 1952 she worked with The Three Stooges in the comedies Gents In A Jam and Listen Judge. Her final acting role was in a 1954 episode of Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson. Tragically on September 3, 1954 she committed suicide by taking an overdose of pills. Kitty was only fifty-one years old. She was buried at Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood, California.

Kitty McHughKitty McHugh Ned Glass 1947