Pre-Code Nudity In Film

During the early days of Hollywood it was very common see scandalous love scenes and partial nudity on the screen. That all changed when a strict production code was introduced in the 1930s. Here are some very sexy pre-code moments ...

Yola D'Avril Nude
Yola D'Avril enjoyed a bath in Beauty In The Boss

Jean Harlow Nude
Jean Harlow got a topless massage in Platinum Blonde

Doris McMahon Nude
Doris McMahon showed a lot of skin in Hips Hips Hooray

Myrna Loy Nude
Myrna Loy was barely covered in The Barbarian

Dolores Del Rio Nude
Dolores Del Rio didn't need a shirt in Birds Of Paradise

Toby Wing Nude
Toby Wing wasn't wearing much in 42nd Street

Sally Rand Nude
Sally Rand was tied up nude in Sign Of The Cross

Joan Blondell Nude
Joan Blondell got naked in the tub in Blonde Crazy

Betty Blythe Nude
Betty Blythe appeared completely nude in Queen Of Sheba

Clara Bow Nude
Clara Bow had a topless scene in Wings

Maureen O'Sullivan Nude
Maureen O'Sullivan wore very little clothes in Tarzan and His Mate