Pat Williams & Her Sad Suicide

Pat Williams

Pat Williams was a beautiful blonde starlet who took her own life in 1955

She was born Patricia Lee Williams on February 12, 1931 in Boise, Idaho. Her father, Clyde Williams, was a railroad telegrapher. When she was in the ninth grade she was voted the best looking girl in class. At the age of fifteen Pat and her sister Donna moved to Hollywood to study voice. In 1948 she was chosen to replace Marie Wilson in Ken Murray's Blackouts stage show. She beat out many other actresses, including Marilyn Monroe, to get the job. Her performance got rave reviews and soon she was earning $1000 a week. The shapely blonde posed nude for photographer Tom Kelly. Pat made headlines when she started dating billionaire Howard Hughes. She also had brief romances with Mel Torme and Franchot Tone. Ken Murray took the Blackouts show to Broadway in 1949 but it closed after a few weeks.

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Then MGM signed her to a seven year contract. Pat made her film debut in the 1950 musical Three Little Words. She was given small parts in Grounds For Marriage and Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire. Unfortunately her film career never took off and her contract was dropped. Her final acting role was in the 1952 comedy Sound Off. Pat went to Las Vegas and found a job in the chorus line at the Sands Hotels. In August of 1955 she married Danny Stein, a casino pit boss. When he walked out on her a month later she was devastated. Tragically on September 21, 1955 she committed suicide by taking an overdose of barbiturates. She was only twenty-four year old. Her body was found on a sofa by her sister. Pat left a note that said she was upset over her failed marriage. She was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

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