Edna Marion ~ The Blonde Comedy Star

Edna Marion

Edna Marion was a beautiful blonde who appeared in dozens of silent comedies

 She was born Edna Hannam on December 12, 1906 in Chicago, Illinois. Her father, John W. Hannam, worked in a shoe factory. Sadly in 1914 he died at the young age of forty-five. Just two years later her older brother Louis also died. When she was a teenager she began her career performing in vaudeville. Edna was signed by Century Films and made her film debut in the 1924 silent Broadway Beauties. Over the next two years she appeared in more than two dozen comedy shorts including Putting On Airs, A Honeymoon Squabble, and My Baby Dolls. She was often billed as Edna Marian. The petite blonde was chosen to be one of the 1926 Wampas Baby Stars along with Joan Crawford and Janet Gaynor. Hal Roach signed her to a contract in April of 1927.

Edna MarionEdna Marion

Edna appeared in the comedies Sugar Daddies, Limousine Love, and Should Married Men Go Home with Laurel and Hardy. Unfortunately after just one year at Roach's studio her contract was dropped. She continued to appear in films like King Of The Campus and Romance Of The West. On November 13, 1929 she married William Paxson, a wealthy broker. By the early 1930s her movie career had stalled. Her final role was in the 1932 horror film Murders In The Rue Morgue. After divorcing William she married Harold Naisbitt, a fruit salesman. Edna began a new life as a housewife. She and her husband, who never had children, lived in a modest apartment in Los Angeles. Tragically on December 2, 1957 she died from pneumonia. She was only fifty years old. Edna was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City,  California.

Edna Marion AutographEdna Marion

Edna Marion (Marian)