Sheree Winton & Her Tragic Suicide

Sheree Winton

Sheree Winton was a beautiful British starlet who tragically committed suicide

 She was born Shirley June Patrick on November 4, 1935 in Sheffield, England. When she was a child her parents divorced. At the age of eighteen she married Gary Winton, a furniture salesman thirty years older than her. The couple had a son named Dale in 1955. Sheree made her film debut in the 1957 British drama Miracle In Soho. Then she had small roles in Follow A Star, Naked Fury, and Dentist In The Chair. The shapely blonde was called "The English Jayne Mansfield". She appeared on numerous British television shows including Espionage and The Newcomers. Unfortunately she suffered from severe depression and became addicted to barbiturates. Her marriage to Gary ended in 1966 after she had an affair with another man.

Sheree WintonSheree Winton

By the late 1960s her career had stalled and she decided to quit acting. Sheree's final role was in the 1970 short film Rhubarb. She continued to struggle with addiction and made several suicide attempts. In early 1976 she went to a clinic to get treatment but she relapsed soon after. Tragically on May 29, 1976 she committed suicide at the age of forty. A friend found her body in her bedroom with a plastic bag tied around her head. Sheree left a note that said she "was sorry". She was cremated and her ashes were buried at Golders Green Crematorium in Golders Green, England. Her son Dale Winton became a popular television personality in Britain.

Sheree WintonSheree Winton