Elsa Lanchester ~ Frankenstein's Bride

Elsa Lanchester

Elsa Lanchester was a British actress best known for her role in The Bride Of Frankenstein

She was born Elsa Sullivan Lanchester on October 28, 1902 in London, England. Her parents lived a bohemian lifestyle and refused to get legally married. At the age of ten she went Paris, France to study dance with Isadora Duncan. When World War 1 broke out she returned to London and made money by giving dancing lessons. Elsa began her career singing in nightclubs and started a children's theater. In 1925 she made her film debut in The Scarlet Woman. While appearing in the 1927 play Mr. Prohack she met actor Charles Laughton. They were married in 1929 and moved to Hollywood soon after. She was signed by MGM and had small roles in Naughty Marietta and David Copperfield. Then she was cast in the 1935 horror film The Bride Of Frankenstein. The movie was a hit and her role as the bride made her a horror film icon. Several years into their marriage Charles confessed to her that he was bisexual and she agreed they could have an open marriage. The couple worked together in the films Rembrandt and The Big Clock.

Elsa LanchesterElsa Lanchester

Elsa never wanted to have children so she had several abortions. During the 1940s she had supporting roles in the films The Razor's Edge, The Bishop's Wife, and The Secret Garden. The petite actress was known for her scene stealing charm and distinctive voice. Unfortunately she rarely got leading roles and she never became as successful as her husband. She was nominated for an Academy Award in 1949 for her performance in Come To The Stable. In 1957 won a Golden Globe and received her second Oscar nomination for the drama Witness To The Prosecution. Sadly Charles passed away in 1962. Elsa continued to appear in films like Mary Poppins and Willard. She also released several albums and wrote her autobiography. Her final acting role was in the 1980 drama Die Laughing. After suffering two strokes she became bedridden and required constant care. On December 16, 1986 she died from pneumonia at the age of eighty-four. Elsa was cremated and her ashes were scattered at sea.

Elsa Lanchester Charles Laughton
With her husband Charles Laughton

Elsa LanchesterElsa Lanchester

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