Carole Lesley & Her Sad Suicide

Carole Lesley

 Carole Lesley was a British actress who tragically committed suicide after her career ended

She was born Maureen Rippingale on May 27, 1935 in Chelmsford, England. At the age of twelve she made her film debut in The Silver Darlings. A few years later she ran away from home and started performing in a London cabaret club. Carole also worked as a nude pin-up model in Paris. She landed a bit part in the 1954 crime drama The Embezzler. Then she was offered a seven year contract with Associated British Pictures. In 1957 she had a supporting role in the drama Woman In A Dressing Gown. Her performance got rave reviews and the film won the Golden Globe for Best English Language Foreign Film. Carole appeared in the movies These Dangerous Years, Doctor In Love, and Operation Bullshine. With her blonde hair and curvaceous figure she quickly became typecast as a bombshell. She was featured on numerous magazine covers including Picturegoer and Photoplay. Carole was often compared to stars Marilyn Monroe and Diana Dors.

Carole LesleyCarole Lesley

In interview she said "The only thing Monroe, Dors, and I have in common is that we all like mink. And that's where it ends. I may be classified as the blonde bombshell type but I'm myself and people will have to get used to Carole Lesley". By the early 1960s her career had stalled and Associated decided to drop her contract. Her final film was the 1962 comedy The Pot Carriers. Depressed over her failed career she attempted suicide in May of 1963 by slitting her wrists. Just three months later she was hospitalized after taking an overdose of pills. She married Michael Dalling, a film publicist, in August of 1964. The couple had two sons. Unfortunately she continued to suffer from severe depression. Carole began seeing a doctor and became addicted to barbiturates. Tragically on February 28, 1974 she committed suicide with an overdose of pills. She was only thirty-eight years old. Her husband Michael believed that her death was accidental.

Carole LesleyCarole Lesley