Memorable Moments From The Oscars

Janet Gaynor Douglas Fairbanks 1929 Oscars

The first Academy Awards ceremony was held at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel on May 16, 1929. Janet Gaynor was the Best Actress winner that night. Since then the annual Oscars ceremony has become the most glamorous and talked about event in Hollywood. Here are some unforgettable moments from the Academy Awards ....

Janet Gaynor 1930 Oscars
1930 ~ Mary Pickford wins Best Actress for Coquette

Norma Shearer Marie Dressler 1932 Oscars
1932 ~ Norma Shearer congratulates Best Actress winner Marie Dressler

Jeanette MacDonald Louis B. Mayer 1935 Oscars
1935 ~ Jeanette MacDonald and Louis B. Mayer attend the ceremony

Bette Davis Spencer Tracy 1939 Oscars
1939 ~ Spencer Tracy wins Best Actor and Bette Davis wins her second Best Actress Oscar

Hattie McDaniel Fay Banter 1940 Oscars
1940 ~ Fay Banter presents the Best Supporting Actress Oscar to Hattie McDaniel, the first African American actress to win

Joan Crawford 1946 Oscars
1946 ~ Joan Crawford, who was too sick to attend the ceremony, received her Best Actress Oscar in her bedroom

Joan Fontaine Olivia de Havilland 1947 Oscars
1947 ~ Olivia de Havilland refuses to shake her sister Joan Fontaine's hand after winning Best Actress

Anne Baxter 1947 Oscars
1947 ~ Anne Baxter posed with her Best Supporting Actress trophy

Marilyn Monroe 1951 Oscars
1951 ~ Marilyn Monroe presents an award

Jayne Mansfield Cleo Moore 1956 Oscars
1956 ~ Blonde bombshells Cleo Moore and Jayne Mansfield attend the ceremony

Natalie Wood Warren Beatty 1962 Oscars
1962 ~ Nominee Natalie Wood arrives with her date Warren Beatty