Lotta Faust ~ The Doomed Salome

Dolores Casey ~ The Tragic Goldwyn Girl

Lillian Hall-Davis ~ Hitchcock's Tragic Star

Marguerite De La Motte ~ Silent Actress

Simone Silva ~ The Topless Starlet

Corinne Barker ~ The Designing Starlet

Bee Monson ~ Silent Starlet

Martha Vickers ~ The Tragic Beauty

Patterson Dial ~ The Tragic Writer

The Dodge Sisters ~ Betty and Beth

Thelma Hill ~ The Tragic Bathing Beauty

Delphine Walsh Was Killed By A Back-Alley Abortion

Allyn Drake ~ The Tragic Starlet

Gaynor Rowlands ~ The Nightingale of Wales

Madeline Hurlock ~ The Beautiful Vamp

Alma Tell ~ The Silent Starlet

Beth Darlington ~ The Beautiful Girl

Agnes Souret ~ The French Beauty

Kathleen Key ~ The Hot Tempered Star

Myrna Loy ~ Hollywood's Ideal Wife

Beatrice Dominguez ~ The Mexican Starlet

Maxine Barbur ~ The Jean Harlow Look-Alike

Lesbian & Bi-Sexual Classic Actresses

Diana Lewis ~ William Powell's Devoted Wife

Genevieve Phillips & Her Sad Suicide

Iris Stuart ~ The Beautiful Starlet

Clara Bloodgood & Her Tragic Suicide

Lucille Carlisle ~ Larry Semon's Leading Lady

Ava Gardner ~ The Beauty Who Seduced Hollywood

Patsy Kelly ~ Hollywood's Funny Lesbian

Barbara Worth ~ The Tragic Western Star

Dorothy Smoller ~ The Tragic Dancer

Lotus Thompson ~ The Leggy Starlet

Lilian Ellis ~ The Danish Star

Virginia Rappe ~ Her Life & Tragic Death

Gloria Dickson ~ The Unluckiest Girl

Alice White ~ Hollywood's Sexy Flapper

The Mysterious Death Of Jeanette Loff

Joi Lansing ~ The Secret Lesbian

Jeanette MacDonald And Nelson Eddy Were Lovers

Maryon Aye ~ The Tragic Silent Star

Edna Hibbard ~ The Comedy Star

Janet Currie ~ The Southern Starlet

Marietta Millner ~ The Tragic Austrian Actress

Katherine Grant ~ Destroyed By Dieting

Lya De Putti ~ The Hungarian Vamp

Eugenia Gilbert ~ The Most Beautiful Woman

Nedra Norris ~ The Unhappy Starlet

Marvel Rea ~ The Tragic Bathing Beauty

Helen St. Claire ~ The Tragic Bride

Jean Joyce & Her Heartbreaking Suicide