Madeline Hurlock ~ The Beautiful Vamp

Alma Tell ~ The Silent Starlet

Beth Darlington ~ The Beautiful Girl

Agnes Souret ~ The French Beauty

Kathleen Key ~ The Hot Tempered Star

Myrna Loy ~ Hollywood's Ideal Wife

Beatrice Dominguez ~ The Mexican Starlet

Diana Lewis ~ William Powell's Devoted Wife

Iris Stuart ~ The Beautiful Starlet

Clara Bloodgood & Her Tragic Suicide

Lucille Carlisle ~ Larry Semon's Leading Lady

Barbara Worth ~ The Tragic Western Star

Dorothy Smoller ~ The Tragic Dancer

Lilian Ellis ~ The Danish Star

Edna Hibbard ~ The Comedy Star

Janet Currie ~ The Southern Starlet

Eugenia Gilbert ~ The Most Beautiful Woman

Nedra Norris ~ The Unhappy Starlet

Marvel Rea ~ The Tragic Bathing Beauty

Lillian Peacock ~ The Inured Ingenue

Agnes Ayres ~ Valentino's Tragic Leading Lady

Edith Roberts ~ The Doomed Silent Star

Maria Montez ~ The Tragic Technicolor Queen

Constance Collier ~ Actress & Drama Teacher

Thais Giroux ~ The Tragic Burlesque Dancer

Pat Williams & Her Sad Suicide

Joan Tabor ~ The Doomed Starlet

Lana Turner ~ The Sweater Girl's Wild Life

Ruby McCoy ~ The Beautiful Redhead

Mari Blanchard ~ The Voluptuous Beauty

Barbara Moffett & Her Sad Suicide

Memorable Moments From The Oscars

Mimi Doyle ~ The Beautiful Starlet

Evelyn Preer ~ The First Black Star

Elizabeth "Dimples" Cooper ~ The Tragic Filipina Star

Mayo Methot ~ Humphrey Bogart's Unhappy Wife

Betty Compson ~ The Prettiest Girl

Anne Baxter ~ The Oscar Winning Beauty

Lillian Drew & Her Mysterious Death

Winona Winter ~ The Cheer Up Girl

Edna Maison ~ The Beautiful Brunette

Dorothy Seastrom ~ The Candy Kid

Hattie McDaniel ~ The First Black Oscar Winner

Dorothy Abbott & Her Heartbreaking Suicide

Donna Drew ~ Killed By The Flu Pandemic

Gaby Deslys ~ The French Dancer

Marguerite Marsh ~ Mae Marsh's Talented Sister

Rose Stradner ~ The Tragic Austrian Actress

Sylvia Breamer ~ The Australian Star

Emily Stevens ~ The Lonely Stage Star